Offering online bookings, after hours support, flexible sessions and personalised care for each and every patient.

Whilst you may come for one consultation or more, plans are designed to be habit forming, so wewill work on creating a relationship with you, to get to know you so that the advice we give is tailored to you specifically.


20 minute chat

Ready to make a change but unsure where to start? I will run you through your options over the phone.



What to expect


Whether you need help achieving your health goals or you have been referred to see a Naturopath from another health professional you will always start out with a simplify session. Simplify sessions last 60 minutes and are run face to face in a comfortable private clinical environment.


You will have the opportunity to discuss your health in detail and gain valuable feedback on how to set and manage health goals. Simplify sessions are included in packages or may be chosen as a one off option.


What to expect from your simplify session?


  • You will have the opportunity to talk about your health in a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Your health history will be investigated

  • Your health goals will then be identified and clearly defined

  • You will then receive coaching and education on diet, movement and mindfulness. There is more to this but you will find out in consultation!

  • Feedback will be given and opportunities for you to ask questions through out the consultation exist to better help you make sense of your health. 

  • You will then receive general guidelines to get you started in your treatment before your treatment notes are sent.


Treatment notes from your simplify session will be sent to you within 24 hours of your consultation unless otherwise specified. 


What is expected of you?


It is expected that once you receive your treatment plan you follow it as best you can. Only realistic and achievable goals are set so sticking to your goals becomes easier. If you find that you require further resources or clarity around your treatment complimentary email support between consultations is offered. You will also be expected to complete an initial patient form before your consultation, this will allow more time in your consultation to discuss your health needs. 


What should you bring with you on the day?


On the day of your simplify session please bring along any pathology or specialists testing that have been completed in the last 6 months. It is recommended that you bring along a pen and paper or a note taking device to take down information and tips during the consultation.

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